Threshold 21 Integrated Sustainable Development Goals Model

Millennium Institute is developing models that enable policy makers and planning officials at all levels of governance to understand the interconnectedness of policies designed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and test their likely impacts before adopting them. The Integrated SDGs (iSDG) model simulates the fundamental trends for the SDGs until 2030 under a business-as-usual scenario, and supports the analysis of relevant alternative scenarios. The model also traces the trends beyond the SDGs’ time span to 2050.

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How 2% of Global GDP Can Trigger Sustainable Growth and Fight Poverty

Investing just 2% of global GDP into ten key sectors can kick-start a transition towards a low carbon, resource efficient Green Economy, asserts the Green Economy Report. If backed by appropriate policies at the national and global levels, this growth would be possible without increasing risks, shocks, scarcities and crises inherent in the existing, resource-depleting, high carbon 'brown' economy.

This groundbreaking report uses economic analysis and modeling using Millennium Institute's Threshold 21 model to demonstrate that greening the economy across the agriculture, buildings, energy, fisheries, forestry, industry, tourism, transport, waste management and water sectors can drive economic recovery and growth and lead to future prosperity and job creation, while at the same time addressing social inequalities and environmental challenges.

The Report is targeted at decision-makers and seeks to influence business leaders, and explain in simple terms, the need for increased environmental investments to promote sustainable economic growth, generate employment, reduce poverty and increase quality of life.

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