Threshold 21 Integrated Sustainable Development Goals Model

Millennium Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the Integrated Sustainable Development Goals Planning Model (iSDG). The iSDG model simulates the fundamental trends for SDGs until 2030 under a business-as-usual scenario and supports the analysis of alternative scenarios. It covers all the 17 Goals, and facilitates a better understanding of the interconnections of the goals and targets, in order to develop synergetic strategies to achieve them. The model’s structure can also be expanded to support the analysis of other country-specific development issues beyond the SDGs.

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Conference on Measuring and Monitoring Implementation of the SDGs: Fit for Purpose?

In March 2016, the UN Statistical Commission endorsed a global framework of 230 indicators for monitoring progress. Next to this global framework, national governments are expected to develop their own indicators for tracking progress on the SDGs. Other stakeholders, such as regional and international organizations, sub-national governments, and civil society, also have a role to play with regard to knowledge exchange and monitoring.

In advance of the July 2016 meeting of the UN’s High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, this conference will bring bring together academics, policymakers and development professionals to discuss, among others:

  • How should diverse stakeholders move forward with respect to monitoring SDG implementation at different levels?
  • What are implicit theories of change underlying performance indicators?
  • In an era of ‘big data’, how can we generate data that are relevant, accurate, credible and affordable?

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Recruitment of Pro Bono Business Strategy Consultant

The Millennium Institute is seeking a consultant to the Board on a pro bono basis to develop and decide upon a business strategy. Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, the consultant will recommend preferred business options for the Institute, including but not restricted to enhancing MI's current business model, developing a new strategy to engage a different client base, or partnering with another concern having complementary competencies.

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