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We have helped more than 40 nations and multilateral institutions identify strategies that offer all people access to food, water, health care, education, and equal opportunities for women and men.

Sustainability Planning Consulting


Multi-stakeholder engagement across sectors is at the core of successful policy planning. MI facilitates discussions to break through silos that hinder design and implementation of effective policies for sustainability.

Brings diverse voices and perspectives to the planning table

Brings diverse voices and perspectives to the planning table, catalyzing cross-sector collaboration to articulate policy challenges, explore possible solutions, and derive coherent and solutions.

Our Approach

Maps the policy framework to demonstrate decision impacts

Maps the policy framework to demonstrate the impacts of decisions across sectors that help countries achieve measurable results towards meeting development objectives.

Our Approach

Leverages stakeholder opportunities

Leverages stakeholder opportunities with government, private sector, development partners, and others to combine resources to achieve common goals and increase impact.

Our Approach

Builds lasting relationships with clients and partners

Builds lasting relationships with country planners to ensure continuous progress is made toward country goals.

Our Approach

Identifies key performance indicators

Identifies key performance indicators for strategic action plans and reporting on progress toward policy objectives.

Our Approach

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