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Domestication and Prioritization of the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063 in Djibouti’s National Development Plan

This project involved the application of the integrated Sustainable Development Goals (iSDG) model to assess and improve Djibouti's attainment of the SDGs. The study, conducted in collaboration with the Government of Djibouti, aimed at domesticating and prioritizing the SDGs in line with Djibouti's National Development Plan (NDP) and Vision 2035. The iSDG model was customized to mirror Djibouti's socio-economic-environmental dynamics, enabling a comprehensive policy analysis. Three scenarios were developed: a business-as-usual scenario, an NDP scenario based on proposed national development plans, and an optimistic scenario with accelerated expenditure in priority areas. The study's objective was to identify SDG accelerators and understand the synergistic effects of various policy interventions on sustainable development. The analysis highlighted the interconnectedness of the SDGs and the impact of targeted interventions on achieving these goals, providing valuable insights for effective policy making in Djibouti.

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