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Accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals in Angola: A Systemic Analysis

The "iSDG Model for Development Planning Process in Angola" project, a collaboration between the Government of Angola, UNDP Angola, and Millennium Institute, has progressed to its second phase. Initiated with a week-long training in Luanda in June 2023, this phase builds on the first phase (2021-2022), which saw the creation of the Integrated Sustainable Development Goals Model (iSDG). This model aids in generating development scenarios to guide policy impact analysis on Angola's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) progress.

The initial phase focused on analyzing investments in key sectors like agriculture, education, infrastructure, and health using the iSDG Angola model, resulting in a detailed report and training for the national technical team (including MEP, MINFIN, and INE) in policy design with the iSDG model.

This current phase aims to further develop and integrate the iSDG model into the national technical team's workflow and strengthen the Angolan government's development management. Activities include aligning the National Development Plan and the Angola 2050 strategy with the SDGs, evaluating policies for SDG progress, and estimating investment and financial needs.

The iSDG model is instrumental in shaping policies for sustainable development, emphasizing its role in achieving development goals and fostering a sustainable future in Angola.

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