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The Continuous Advancement of the iSDG Model

The iSDG model can play an important role in strategic planning for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), enabling policymakers to see the potential outcomes of various policy pathways. As we encounter new challenges in the journey towards sustainable development, the iSDG is also evolving to account for the increased complexity of sustainability planning.

An illustration of three people working. Representing the developments of the iSDG

Enhancing Adaptability

The iSDG model's strength lies in its capacity to integrate and utilize national data, to ensure that its simulations accurately reflect the conditions of each country. Yet, we are actively working to enhance this adaptability even further. A significant part of this process involves integrating additional data sources and frameworks, which allows the model to account for a broader range of national contexts. By doing so, we can more accurately identify and represent the interconnections within diverse socio-economic, and environmental contexts in the simulations.

Refining User Experience

The iSDG model has a user-friendly interface, allowing users to adjust variables, run simulations, and view results intuitively. Yet, we are currently working on refinements in the user experience. This upgrade aims to provide more accessible, intuitive, and visually appealing interpretations of the simulation outcomes, helping users grasp the intricate dynamics more easily and make well-informed decisions.

Exploring New Technologies

We are also exploring ways to harness emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, and integrate them into the iSDG model. Artificial Intelligence could assist in fine-tuning the model's simulations, enabling it to learn from previous data inputs. This could further provide more in-depth insights into the potential outcomes of various policy scenarios, enhancing the value of the iSDG model as a tool for strategic planning

Request a Demo

The best way to truly appreciate the capabilities and potential of the iSDG model is to see it in action. We invite you to request a personalized demo. During this session, our team will guide you through the model, showcasing its adaptability, and advanced simulation capabilities. Get in touch!

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