Gunda Zuellich

Senior Modeler / Policy Analyst

Gunda has studied in Germany, Argentina, Russia and Norway and completed a diploma degree (equivalent to a Masters) in Public Policy and Management at the University of Potsdam, Germany. Before joining Millennium Institute, she worked with NGOs in Bolivia and Germany as well as with the former German Development Organization, InWEnt (now part of GIZ). With Millennium Institute, Gunda has applied and developed several System Dynamics national models in collaboration with national governments and international organizations, among them T21-Sénégal, T21-Burkina Faso, T21-République Démocratique du Congo, T21-Kenya, and T21-Swaziland. Her work has included project management, policy analysis, research, model development, data collection and analysis, workshop facilitation, and training. She speaks German (native), English, French, Spanish, and Russian.



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