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Our National Development simulation tool integrates the Sustainable Development Goals with real-world dynamics,  empowering nations to strategize effective policies.

Dive into our System Dynamics approach and harness the potential of every SDG interlinkage

How policy design with the iSDG works:


1. Scope Definition

We identify challenges and goals. Together, we'll understand your priorities and desired outcomes.

Slides How it Works

Turn your development goals into actionable, interconnected strategies with the Millennium Institute in 12 months


First Quarter

Delving into the intricacies of your sustainable development challenges through workshops. Ensuring System Dynamics model accurately mirrors your reality. We begin training your appointed technical team on the basics of our model.


Second Quarter

As we refine the model based on your input, we escalate the training for your technical team. Together, we simulate various development strategies and their outcomes, empowering your team to begin leading the way


Third Quarter

Working closely with you, we align your strategies with SDG indicators and explore development outcomes.

Your technical team now actively presents scenarios, guided by us, to highlight our model's robustness.


Fourth Quarter

We consolidate findings into a report with policy suggestions and key leverage points. Your technical team, now adept, collaborates with us in a feedback session, showcasing the model's full potential for effective policy design.

Our experience spans across 40+ countries

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