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System Dynamics-Based Development Planning

Learn System Dynamics in development planning to tackle socioeconomic challenges in developing nations via strategic policy and decision-making.

About the Course

The course is a rigorous program designed to impart technical knowledge of System Dynamics (SD) methodologies. It focuses on applying System Dynamics models to address and manage the complexities inherent in socioeconomic challenges prevalent in developing countries. Participants are introduced to a range of planning models, which serve as tools to identify the structural origins of various problems. The course emphasizes the integration of strategy development, policy design, and decision-making processes.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the course, participants will:

  1. Understand System Dynamics: Gain a fundamental understanding of System Dynamics and its applications in socio-economic contexts.

  2. Modeling and Analysis Skills: Develop the ability to use SD-based models for analyzing and managing dynamic challenges in developing countries.

  3. Identify Structural Issues: Learn to identify the root causes of complex problems using systematic planning models.

  4. Design and Evaluate Policies: Acquire skills to design and critically evaluate policies for alleviating socio-economic challenges in an integrated manner.

  5. Strategic Development Insights: Understand the importance of robust strategy development in national contexts, particularly in multi-sector and multi-disciplinary environments.

Target Audience

The course is designed for:

  • Development Planners: Professionals in the field of development planning, especially those working in or with developing countries.

  • Policy Makers and Strategists: Individuals in government and policy-making roles who are responsible for designing and implementing socio-economic policies.

  • Academic Researchers: Scholars and students in fields related to economic development, public policy, and system dynamics.

  • International Development Professionals: Staff of NGOs, international agencies, and organizations involved in development projects and policy formulation.

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