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Sector-Specific Training

Specialize in sectors like agriculture and green economy through tailored Sector-specific Training, ideal for experienced modelers and analysts.

About the Course

An advanced educational program designed for modelers and policy analysts who have prior training in System Dynamics. The focus of this course is on achieving a deep understanding of specific sectors within the integrated Sustainable Development Goals (iSDG) model, such as agriculture, the green economy, or the SDGs themselves. This specialization allows for detailed analysis and policy development within these distinct areas. Organized periodically, the training fosters a rich environment for knowledge exchange.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will achieve:

  1. In-Depth Sector Knowledge: Develop a comprehensive understanding of a specific sector within the iSDG model.

  2. Advanced Modeling Skills: Enhance skills in System Dynamics modeling, particularly in applying these techniques to sector-specific challenges.

  3. Policy Analysis Proficiency: Improve capabilities in analyzing and developing policies relevant to the chosen sector.

  4. Networking and Collaboration: Engage with professionals from diverse countries, leading to valuable experience-sharing and the formation of professional networks.

  5. Practical Application: Gain practical experience in applying System Dynamics methods to real-world scenarios in the chosen sector.

Target Audience

This course is ideally suited for:

  • Experienced Modelers and Analysts: Professionals who have prior experience or training in System Dynamics and wish to specialize in a specific sector.

  • Policy Analysts: Individuals in government or NGOs focusing on policy development in specific sectors, such as agriculture or green economy.

  • Researchers in Sustainable Development: Academics and researchers specializing in sustainable development and looking to enhance their analytical skills in a specific area.

  • Strategic Planners: Planners and strategists seeking to deepen their sector-specific knowledge for more effective planning and implementation.

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