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Introduction to System Dynamics for Development Planning

Acquire fundamental skills in System Dynamics modeling for development planning, emphasizing complex problem analysis with simulation software.

About the Course

This online module serves as an integral part of the broader "System Dynamics-based Development Planning" course. It is structured to provide participants with foundational knowledge in System Dynamics modeling and simulation techniques. The primary focus is on applying these methods to analyze and address complex development problems. The course curriculum includes an introduction to principles, hands-on experience with software, and case studies relevant to development planning.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  1. Understand Basic Principles of SD Modeling: Grasp the foundational concepts of System Dynamics, including its role and application in development planning.

  2. Analyze Complex Development Problems: Learn to apply SD modeling techniques to dissect and understand multifaceted development issues.

  3. Utilize SD Modeling Software: Acquire practical skills in using specific software tools for SD modeling and simulation.

  4. Develop Simulation Skills: Gain the ability to create simulations that provide insights into complex developmental scenarios.

  5. Apply Knowledge in Practical Contexts: Enhance capacity to use these techniques for strategic decision-making in development planning.

Target Audience

This course is best for:

  • Development Practitioners: Professionals in development sectors who require analytical tools for planning and problem-solving in complex scenarios.

  • Policy Makers and Planners: Individuals in governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in policy formulation and strategic planning.

  • Academic Professionals and Students: Educators and students in fields related to development studies, economics, and public policy who wish to incorporate System Dynamics in their academic and research work.

  • Technical Experts: Specialists in data analysis, modeling, and simulation who are looking to broaden their skill set in the context of development planning.

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