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T21-North America Model

Energy is at the foundation of every aspect of our present globalized economy. Without adequate energy, the wellbeing of our still growing and increasingly urbanized and industrialized world population faces the prospect of reduced standards of living, declining access to food and clean water supply, and contraction of global trade and gross domestic product.

In the next decade and beyond, decisions will be made at the national policy (and possibly, global) levels that have consequences on large segments of the Earth’s population and the world environment. These decisions will directly and indirectly impact energy and resource availability, human well-being, and the sustainability of the environment on which all economies ultimately depend.

Millennium Institute, Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO-USA), and the State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) are partnering on a project to develop a world energy model that generates scenarios of global energy use and determines their likely impact.  The first phase of the project is the development of a Threshold 21-North America (T21-NA) model.  The model will examine assumptions, test scenarios, and the consequences of energy peaks, shifts to alternative energy sources, and sustainable policy options; and generate and inform public debate on the impact of energy-related decisions.

MI will be responsible for developing the T21-NA model, building upon the foundation of an existing T21-USA model. The model will examine energy issues in the context of an integrated framework that incorporates the relations of the energy sector to the broader economic, social, and environmental framework to the extent feasible. SUNY-ESF will create an EROI database and feedback paths, and a new graphical interface for the model.


T21-NA User Interface

For questions about T21-North America, contact Andrea Bassi at .

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