System Dynamics-based Development Planning Course

in collaboration with the University of Bergen, Norway

DECEMEBER 19, 2016 - FEBRUARY 3, 2017 | ONLINE
MAY 2 - 31, 2017 | BERGEN, NORWAY


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We are looking forward to welcoming you to the World Heritage City of Bergen! The friendliness of the Norwegian people, of the Faculty and of the participants, together with the astonishing natural beauty of the country, will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Traveling to Bergen

The easiest way to travel to Bergen from abroad is by air. Bergen has an international airport with direct connection from Copenhagen (1h20min), Amsterdam (1h30min), London (1h10min) and other important European hubs. KLM and SAS are the most commonly used airlines to fly to Bergen. For additional options see

Visitors from outside the Schengen area might need a visa to enter Norway. For details see You are responsible for securing your visa.


Bergen offers a variety of accommodations, from on-campus housing, to hotels and rental apartments. On-campus housing is the cheapest and more efficient solution for participants who do not mind living in a student environment. Fantoft Studentby is often the first choice of our participants, offering simple accommodation, affordable prices, and a good connection with the city centre. Fantoft is also easily accessible from the airport. For more information about Fantoft, visit

Millennium Institute will facilitate your booking at Fantoft. For information on how to book, please contact For other accommodation options please visit


Bergen offers a variety of international cuisine to satisfy every appetite. You will find many restaurants offering Indian, American, Italian, African, and Chinese food. For a comprehensive list of restaurants, visit

For those who prefer to cook, the city has a variety of groceries shops and supermarkets where you can find all you needed to prepare a special meal, either typical Norwegian, or typical from your country.


Spring is time of change in Norway. Days become rapidly longer, snows melts, and nature blooms. The weather in this season is also rapidly changing and unpredictable. Temperatures vary from 15 degrees Celsius to even less than zero during the night. Luckily, there are plenty of bars where one can have a hot chocolate to keep you warm. Anyway, do not forget to bring warm and waterproof clothing, and a good umbrella. For the current weather conditions, visit:

University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is a young, modern university. Most of its premises are concentrated in the heart of the city of Bergen. There are about 16,000 students enrolled, and 2,500 faculty and staff. The University's academic landscape is characterized by its great variety and breadth. Seven faculties cover most of the traditional university disciplines. Within the faculties are 90 different specialized departments, centers and institutes. Despite the rather large area on which UiB buildings are located, after a couple of days in the city, you will find it easy to orientate. For additional information visit

Local Transportation

The city of Bergen offers excellent public transportation services. Buses cover all the main traffic arteries and they run very frequently. If you live in the city center, you will not need public transportation to reach UiB, or to do your daily shopping and enjoy the nightlife - everything can be found within a 10-15 minutes walking distance.  If you live in Fantoft, you will take the Bybanen to reach the city center and UiB. The most cost effective option is to purchase a monthly transport card, which provides you unlimited rides on the Bybanen and the urban buses in Bergen. The card costs 745 NOK or US$86. The card, as well as single tickets on the bus and light rail is discounted 40% for students under age 32 with valid student identification. For more information visit


The official currency in Norway is the Norwegian Kroner. For current exchange rates, visit