System Dynamics-based Development Planning Course

in collaboration with the University of Bergen, Norway

DECEMEBER 19, 2016 - FEBRUARY 3, 2017 | ONLINE
MAY 2 - 31, 2017 | BERGEN, NORWAY


The critical-thinking pedagogical approach is what I like most in this course. It gives us a willingness and ability to think critically, to deliberate with others and to take an active part in learning. It entails meaningful involvement in the creation of a model for a virtual country, which makes us easily and effectively understand development planning and modeling as well. It is exactly what is called 'learning by doing'.

Fei Fei, China

Our increasingly complex and interdependent world demand development experts who can think systemically and use dynamic analytical tools to inform public policy decisions and strategies. And with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), now more than ever, experts with these skills will be needed to help countries prepare their strategy and action plan.

Through case studies and practical exercises, the System Dynamics-based Development Planning Course equips development professionals with the knowledge and skills to understand, map, and analyze complex national and global development challenges, and to determine the best approaches to address them using a systems perspective.

The course gives participants unparalled access to Millennium Institute's top modelers and University of Bergen’s (UiB) world-renowned faculty in System Dynamics. It is the only development-focused System Dynamics course, and affords participants learning interactions with other professionals from around the globe, including the UiB’s master’s and doctoral studies students.

The course is designed for professionals working in the field of development planning, especially policy advisors/analysts, and implementation and evaluation specialists from government institutions, research institutes, advocacy and civil society groups, private foundations, and other international development agencies.