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Millennium Institute (MI) is an independent and non-partisan nonprofit organization committed to promoting systems literacy and dynamic modeling tools to attain sustainable development worldwide. By providing these tools, MI empowers people and governments to build societies that are peaceful, equitable and sustainable.
  • Since inception, we have explored many ways to achieve our mission. In the last two decades, our approaches included:
  • public education on the reality that everything is interconnected and interdependent, and the importance of sustainability
  • building strategic collaborations with institutions such as UN agencies, the World Bank, and the Carter Center, to institutionalize dynamic modeling at higher political levels
  • engaging spiritual leaders in dialogue on critical issues confronting the world during meetings of the Parliament of the World’s Religions
  • training college students on campuses to prepare national studies on ending hunger

Today, MI remains a pioneer and dedicated promoter of dynamic modeling and integrated analysis for long term national development planning that promotes sustainability. Our flagship model, Threshold 21 (T21) has been customized for about twenty industrialized and developing countries around the world, many of which are now being institutionalized. Click here to learn more about where we work.